First GRade Resources

  First Term Topics are Outlined in this document, which is subject to change at the teacher's discretion.

  •  There are a few short videos over-viewing the year and giving some ideas for the first term HERE

The basic focus for the first term is reviewing addition and subtraction to 10, moving on to numbers to 20, and shapes.  Continue to review addition and subtraction facts for five minutes daily for the whole year. SEE BELOW for links to modified practice pages!

Second term moves into length and weight and adding and subtracting numbers to 40 (regrouping).

This is a good time to watch these videos specifically made for us by Lynn Kuske.   These should further help you see how to use the Kuske model to add and subtract with regrouping (carrying and borrowing). These are very helpful!







Third term takes numbers and addition and subtraction to 100 (same strategies of grouping tens, just bigger numbers) and touches on the concepts of multiplication and division, time, calendars, and money. The same techniques as above are used, the numbers are just bigger.

You will be using some pages directly from your Math in Focus book as well as several that were custom-modified for us to the Kuske model.

  • Select pages  from chapters 1-4 that have been modified to the Kuske model can be found HERE 
  • And select pages from Chapters 7-8 (numbers to 20) can be found HERE
  • Kuske worksheet pages for adding past 10 can be found here: 9 plus, 8 plus, 7 plus, and 6 plus
  • All other practice pages will come directly from your workbook (but ALL are certainly not assigned or necessary!)