Placement Guide

In 2019-2020, we will have five classes: Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third, as well as an Upper Elementary Class that welcomes 4th-6th graders. Please see the approximate age descriptions for these classes below.

Lower Elementary (k-3)

K-3rd classes allow children to flex reading and math groups. We advise that children be placed in the home class that is most appropriate socially despite their pacing in math or reading. Ages are as measured at the beginning of the school year (so a child who turns 6 in July would be considered an “young 6” in September. A child who turns 6 in January would be considered an “older 6” in September). These are, of course, just rough guidelines. You know your child best!

  • Kindergarten: young 5’s through early 6’s.

    • : older 6’s and 7’s.

    • 2nd: older 7’s and 8’s

    • 3rd: older 8’s and 9’s

      PLEASE see the placement page near the bottom of Parent Portal/Start Here if your child is in Third grade or AAR4 .

Upper Elementary Class (4th-6th)

  • Upper Class: Older 9’s through 12.

In order to accommodate slightly longer class times and the more in-depth study that is appropriate to the abilities of 10-12 year olds, our upper class works on its own schedule and may not allow children to flex down to lower reading or math groups. We ask that your child meet the placement requirement outlined below to enter this class. See below for details*

If you feel your child needs another year to build fluency, the Third grade class is specifically focused on building comfort in reading and writing. This class will focus on moving from oral narrations to short written narrations by the end of the year and will also work on building comfort with reading out loud. They will also still receive direct instruction in math if they are not quite ready to bring in independent work.

* 4th-6th Requirements

Reading: Please be sure your child can read at least the first couple pages of THIS sample poem without much struggle. If your child finds this poem very challenging, but would enjoy a passage such as THIS , he or she would probably do best in the 3rd grade class. If you would like to use a book your child has read (by him/herself) for placement, we suggest going to the Quick Book Search at the top of THIS PAGE and searching for the book. We are looking for comfort with a Lexile level of 650-900. Your child should also be willing to read out loud with the class.

Writing: Be sure your child is able to write from his/her head (not copying) 4-5 sentences on a given topic in 10-15 minutes with relative ease (and decent spelling, although perfection is not necessary!). This could be a narration such as “Write four sentences telling about the story we just read for history,” or “Write five sentences about our vacation to the beach last year.”

Mathematics: Children should be able to do independent work for 20-25 minutes of math. This class will be bringing in their own independent math work from home based on the curriculum you choose at home.

Also, please be sure to review our curriculum page for this class HERE to see more specifics on each subject. Another thing to consider is that the content of history and literature books may be slightly more challenging reading level and subject matter in the books for this class.