Age Requirements:

We require that students turn five by December 1 to begin kindergarten. Because our program is play-based and only two days a week, the cut-off date is a little later than local districts allow (meaning we take slightly younger students). We do this because our emphasis on a play-based schedule and our home days allow for much more customization than a typical school allows.

* We do encourage parents to strongly consider social dynamics when placing children, especially in the long-term. 

*Students who are above or below their grade level in reading or math are welcome to attend the appropriate level for that particular academic subject. For example, a five- or six-year-old will probably do best in our kindergarten class but is welcome to take reading or math in another level if that is appropriate. 


  • Please check the tuition payment page to see the three tuition options for paying in one payment, two payments, or ten monthly payments.

  • A registration fee of $100 per child is required with admission form. If classes fill, additional applicants will be wait-listed.

Withdrawal Policy:

  • If payments are being made monthly, tuition must be paid for one month past the date the student withdrawals from classes.

  • If tuition has been paid in one or two payments, remaining months will be refunded minus one month.

  • Registration fee is nonrefundable.

Statement of Faith:

  • Parents are not required to believe everything in our Statement of Faith but are required to sign a commitment to support our Statement of Faith and the mission of our school. 

Application form

Applications for 2019/2020 will be received beginning in February 2019. Registration fee of $100 must also be received.