Volunteer Commitment

Volunteer hours: We strongly encourage volunteering and ask that each parent chooses an area in which to serve.  

  • Volunteering in your child's classroom
  • Leading creative classes in the afternoons (arts/crafts, music, drama, handcrafts, etc).  
  • Making copies, running occasional errands, going to the library for books, shoveling snow, or otherwise being available to support the teachers and the program.
  • Serving on committees such as fundraising, planning, or the parent advisory board.
  • Helping clean classrooms, bathrooms, and the cafeteria at the end of the school day.
  • Organizing and coordinating get-togethers for fellow parents for additional support and encouragement or book studies.
  • If you have other strengths, interests, or abilities, you may choose to support us through other volunteer opportunities. Let us know!