Employment at PHA

 If you are interested in teaching at PHA in 2019-2020, please fill out the form below. Our ideal candidate takes a genuine joy in learning, books, the outdoors, and working with children, and has some experience teaching elementary reading and math. While certification is not required, for the 4th-6th grade class, preference may be given to someone with a college degree or who can show experience with a higher analysis of literature and comfort with mathematics and science.

Our ideal candidate will be familiar with Charlotte Mason and/or our management strategy (Love and Logic, read more here). If you are unfamiliar with either, but are eager to learn, you are welcome to apply. Before applying, PLEASE read this document to become more familiar with our program.


We are a Christian program and we ask that you only apply if your relationship with God is an integral part of your daily life. Please review our Statement of Faith. We are non-denominational, and ask that your doctrinal details not be dogmatic as it influences your work and teaching. We promote an environment of Truth-seeking, discussion, and honor of our students’ and families’ journeys.


We conduct four training sessions throughout the summer as well as bi-monthly staff meetings throughout the school year, and there are open houses and conferences you will be required to participate in as part of your contractual duties. School days are Thursdays and Fridays from September through May. More details are in teacher contract.


We currently have filled our teacher positions, but interested candidates for future years or for subbing may fill out the form below.

As of early July, we are looking for a general aide one day a week. For more information and to apply, please follow this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9e9o35okZecEdZLFAq8XNOv7FF1OmflcaefF4HNfEoKlwzQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

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