Daily Schedule

See our updated 2019/2020 Daily Schedule.

Our school day is 9:30-3:30 on Thursdays and Fridays. All classes begin the day with morning meeting, including Bible reading, hymns, and poetry.

Our kindergarten is a play-based model, and the language arts and math centers will incorporate free play in those domains as well as short reading, writing, and math lessons during that time.  For our first through third graders, reading, writing, and math lessons are engaging and accessible for different learning styles while also recognizing this age group's ability to focus a little longer and work more independently. By scheduling reading and math blocks at the same time for K-3, students can switch between classes if appropriate for them. Our Upper Class moves into literature and more independent work for math. 

The afternoon for all classes integrate science, outdoors, history, geography, and the arts, which may reflect a combination of child-led and teacher-directed learning and activities.

This schedule is designed to reflect our educational philosophy and the needs of young children. Research shows that students need frequent brain breaks and physical activity, so our schedule switches which parts of the brain are used and makes frequent use of breaks, recess, and play.