Who Are We?

Providence Hybrid Academy is a hybrid learning program that integrates the benefits of classroom learning with the independence of schooling at home. Our approach prioritizes social development through free play, creativity through the arts, and developmentally appropriate academics enhanced by the camaraderie of group learning.

What We Offer

  • Complete range of subjects for a K-2nd grade education
  • Two days of instruction on campus with teachers
  • Assignments and support for three days of parent instruction at home
  • Short lessons presented in a developmentally appropriate manner
  • Daily outdoor play and multiple recesses
  • Affordable tuition

Honoring God

Our subjects are taught from a Christian worldview.  We teach our children that they are personally loved by God and we encourage them to know God through prayer and the study of His Word.  In each of our disciplines, we seek to point our students to a creative and caring God whose hand has guided humanity from the beginning.

Honoring Family

The family is the most influential part of a child's development.  We support parents in their roles in raising and educating their children and provide the framework for parents to be successful educators on home days.  A child's success in school is tied to parental involvement, and we desire a close partnership between home and school.

Honoring Childhood

Childhood is a brief but formative period in a person's life.  We seek to honor and value this time through developmentally appropriate academics; free, unstructured play; encouraging creativity through the study of the arts; and a broad curriculum based on children's observations and understanding of the material.